Welcome to Trillium

Welcome to Trillium, a private residential, lake and golf community nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina — breathtaking natural beauty, vast skies and virtually limitless outdoor recreational opportunities. This is the place where you and your family can return to the things that truly matter and “getting away from it all” feels like finally coming home.

Trillium Links

The spectacular natural beauty that characterizes Trillium's sophisticated golf course reminds us of why we play "The Old Game" in the first place. By combining natural elements with careful design and a traditional approach to the game of golf, Trillium Links is the Hallmark of the Trillium amenities. Trillium Links offers a comprehensive range of golfing amenities. learn more

Lake Glenville

The dramatic contrasts of the Blue Ridge Mountains soaring to breathtaking heights above a sparkling expanse of water that plunges to depths of 100 feet make Lake Glenville a true mountain paradise. Rent a boat and cruise from one of Trillium's docks to discover cascading waterfalls or a casual sunset. The highest lake East of the Mississippi and the crown jewel of the Cashiers’/Highlands learn more